West Bay Exploration halts Shelby Township oil/gas exploration, "indefinitely"
West Bay Exploration Vice President Pat Gibson provided the following update on the indefinite halt to the exploration process at the Shelby Township well near 25 Mile and Dequindre roads Aug. 25.

Supervisor Stathakis,
Please find attached a press release issued by West Bay this afternoon (Aug. 25). As you and the Township board have asked, West Bay will be shutting in our well at the end of the week in order to take some time and work with our neighbors to help them better understand our operation.


Patrick Gibson
Vice President
West Bay Exploration Company

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Shelby Township 2014 Road Projects

It is shaping up to be a very busy year for road construction in Shelby Township in 2014. In past years the Macomb County Department of Roads (MCDR) has had one or two road projects under construction annually. Because of several anomalies this year's schedule has six major projects. Check here for continuing updates on the projects. 

Shelby Township 2014 road projects summary
Aug. 21 MCDR construction updates

Shelby Township shares drilling moratorium with county, neighbors
Following the Shelby Township Board of Trustees' 7-0 approval of a six-month moratorium on oil/gas drilling, Shelby Township Supervisor Rick Stathakis shared the moratorium with neighboring community leaders and Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel, so that they can reap any and all benefits from Shelby Township's groundbreaking law.

Letter to Mark Hackel and Shelby Township Oil/Gas Drilling Moratorium
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Shelby Township FD Oil/Gas Safety Brief Aug. 28


As of Aug. 28, drilling was finished late last week. West Bay exploration are still scrubbing the well today, but this should be completed either late today or tomorrow (Aug. 29). They expect to finish all the work by Friday afternoon (Aug. 29). Security it remain on site this weekend (Aug. 30-31).

JIm Swinkowski
Fire Chief
Shelby Township Fire Department

(586) 731-3476