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Printable: Freedom of Information Act Request Form

Online: Freedom of Information Act Request Form


View or Download: Public FOIA Summary
View or Download: Freedom of Information Act Policy 7/1/2015


Copy Paper                $ .10 per sheet                                  Photo Paper                $1.81 per sheet

Blueprint Copies         $2.00 per sheet                                 CD’s                            $ .12 each

Vinyl CD Sleeve         $ .07 each                                          Postage                      Actual USPS Cost


Aperture Cards  may be viewed at the Building Department.  The Township can only obtain copies of the cards using equipment located at another municipality.  The following fees for copies apply and must be paid in advance.

Cards (24” x 36”)                               $  5.50 per card

Mileage                                              $  7.13 mileage adjustable to current IRS reimbursement rate              

Labor   (anticipated 1 hour)               $ 20.18 per hour


Labor  This fee is the hourly wage and a portion of the benefit cost of the lowest paid employee capable of performing the request.  The rate below is the lowest paid employee wage.  You will be notified prior to the processing of this request of this wage rate differs.

Research                                       $ 20.18 per hour (16.68 wage/3.50 fringe benefits)

Duplication                                     $ 20.18 per hour (16.68 wage/3.50 fringe benefits)

Redaction                                      $ 20.18 per hour (16.68 wage/3.50 fringe benefits)

Contracted labor costs are only permitted if Shelby Township does not have an employee capable of performing this work and cannot exceed $48.90 per hour. You will be notified prior to processing this request if contracted labor estimated cost is applicable.

Effective: July 1, 2016