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Alarm Registration


Pursuant to Ordinance of the Charter Township of Shelby, "Upon notification, any person, firm or corporation who owns, leases or occupies a premises in which an alarm system is installed, used or maintained, shall register such alarm system with the Shelby Township Police Department on forms provided by the Police Department; owners are required to inform the Police Department of changes to the information requested on those forms."  Please register your alarm system by filling out the registration form (see link below). 

Likewise, should you experience a change in your alarm company and/or contact persons, please be sure to submit those changes using the registration form. 
Alarm Questions - (586) 731-2121 Ext. 306

False Alarms - Important Note:  Shelby Township has a False Alarm Ordinance. Be certain that  your alarm system is in good working order to prevent false alarms. Substantial penalties may be imposed on repeated false alarms.  All outstanding fees not paid by mid-November are given to the Treasurer's Office for inclusion with the winter tax bill.   

The ordinance may be viewed by clicking  Alarm Systems Ordinance  and then clicking Chapter 22 on the left side, followed by clicking Article II - Alarm Systems in the center, near the top. 

For your convenience, the department now accepts credit card payments for false alarm fees (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, debit cards).  A service fee is charged for each transaction.  Visit .  The Shelby Township False Alarm Payments Pay Location Code is a000ev.  GovPayNow phone number is (888) 604-7888. 

The Consumer Affairs team created an onlineguide on home alarm and security systems.  If interested in their information, simply click on the link.