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Shelby Gardeners Club


The Shelby Gardeners Club is made up of passionate members of the community that came together to promote interest and knowledge in gardening, flower arrangement and ecology. Not only are they a working club, but also a community service organization, founded in 1971. They aim to help aid the protection of native plants, trees and wildlife as well as encourage civic planting and urban beautification in our community. Their example brings about brighter gardens and friendships. They vow to support recycling projects and give recognition to businesses and local residents who share these goals.


The Shelby Gardeners Club has been involved in the Heritage Garden on the township grounds since the vista’s inception in 1971. The brick walkways, planted beds, gazebo, statuary and the fairy garden are supported by the club fundraisers. These range from craft and plant sales to impressive bi-annual garden walks.


To get involved or to enjoy a free lecture presented by the club, join their monthly meeting the second Thursday of the month at the Shelby Township Activities Center. For more information, contact the club at 586-741-5926.


Cheryl Sypniewski, President


Linda Pelloni, First Vice-President


Chris Jump, Second Vice-President


Linda Latsko, Treasurer

June Allen, Secretary






Join Us!
The SGC invites you to join this great community service organization by contacting Cheryl Sypniewski at 586-823-8555.

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