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Shelby Township By the Numbers

Among its geographic and demographic peers, Shelby Township ranks very favorably in statistics used nationwide to rank communities and the value they provide residents. As outlined in the graphs below, whether it is public safety, parkland or tax rate, Shelby Township likely has one or more qualities that make it a better place to live for you and your family.

Livability  Transportation Demographics
Education  Cost of Living  Crime
Employment  Housing Environment
  Parks and Recreation   


locals   table


transportation   table

             means of transportation   table   means of transportation   graph

crash severity   table

crashes by involvement   table


demographics   table

race   table

                   income distribution   table  income distribution   graph

                      age   table   age   graph

total populations   table

education level by number   tableeducation level by number  male   grapheducation level by number  female   graph

education level by percentage   tableeducation level by percentage   graph
education level by percentage    grapheducation level by percentage  male   grapheducation level by percentage  female   graph
private vs public   table  private vs public   graph 

Utica Community Schools

MEAP   tablegraded MEAP   graph

math MEAP   tablemath MEAP   graph
science MEAP   tablescience MEAP   graph
reading MEAP   tablereading MEAP   graph
social studies MEAP   tablesocial studies MEAP   graph
writing MEAP   tablewriting MEAP   graph
 student race   table  student race   graph

Cost of Living

financials   table


reported crime   table

police   table

sex offenders   table


employment status   table
employment status   graph

           median earnings   table   median earnings   graph

forcasted jobs   table

commute from   table residents work at   table

housing   table

                                  vacancy vs occupancy   table   vacancy vs occupancy   graph

            housing types   table   housing types   graph 

                                 household types   household types   graph

            residence   table   residence   graph

permits   table

            housing values   table   housing values   graph

Weather / Environment

temperature   table   temperature   graph

        land use   table  land use   graph

land cover   table
Parks and Recreation 


parks and facilities
parks and facilities