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Shelby TV Advertising

Why choose Shelby TV?
Shelby TV is the No. 1 way to connect with your customers through a local target audience. Through advertising, Shelby TV offers an inexpensive way to boost your exposure by taking advantage of an extremely talented staff and crew that work hand-in-hand with clients to produce the best quality advertising material for you and your target demographic.

Who are the demographics?
Shelby TV reaches more than 22,000 homes on WOW, Comcast and AT&T with an age breakdown consisting of:
  • Children (0-13) 18.52%
  • Teens (14-17) 8.91%
  • Young Adults (18-29) 10.56%
  • Adults (30-59) 46.20%
  • Senior Citizens (60+) 15.81%

Production Services
Shelby TV uses state of the art equipment to provide top of the line production value for our clients. We pride ourselves on creating presentation of a large studio product, with the ambiance and customer service of a local studio. Shelby TV equipment and staff are ready to assist you with your needs in-studio or on-site production, depending on the occasion to result in complete customer satisfaction.

Services Offered
Electronic Billboard Ads
Shelby Tv's electronic billboards provide information about your business in a 15 second still graphic ad aired multiple times daily.
  • $150 for a three-month contract
  • $250 for a six-month contract
  • $400 for a one-year contract

We provide complete filming and production services to a 30-second commercial that will air seven or more times daily, seven days a week. The commercial then becomes your property to used on other networks, websites or social media outlets.

Commercial options 
Pay as you go:
This option gives you the freedom to air your commercial on a monthly basis as you see fit
  • $400 for filming and post-production
  • $250 per month air time
Six-Month Contract:
This option offers a lower monthly cost by signing for an extended period of time, and allowing payments in two-month increments
  • $400 for filming and post production
  • $225 per month air time 
12-Month Contract:
This option offers a reduced commercial production cost with a lower monthly rate by signing for a longer period of time with payments spread over three-month increments 
*includes 2 FREE changes to commercial during one-year contract
  • $200 for filming and post-production
  • $200 per month air time
Our Studio Also Offers
  • Studio Rental
  • Production Truck Rental
  • Editing Services
  • DVD Duplication
  • Photography
51690 Van Dyke Ave.
Shelby Township, MI 48316
Phone (586) 254-7130
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